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Glass technology has been completely penetrated in

Published time:2017/10/30 12:13:55,Publisher Huizhou Xingguangyu Intelligent Technology Co., Lt

Although the automotive industry and the glass industry are two different areas of the industry, the former belongs to the machinery manufacturing industry, which belongs to the light industry, but the development of the car from the point of view, the relationship between the two closer. Glass technology has been completely infiltrated into the automotive industry, an indispensable part of the field of automotive technology. Now, people always from the car safety and appearance point of view to research and development of automotive glass, has introduced new varieties. Car glass before the main windshield. As early as 80 years ago, the glass has been installed in the United States Ford factory produced T-car, was installed with flat glass in the front of the car, so that drivers from the wind and rain pain. 

From the next few decades, the glass industry gradually involved in the automotive industry, creating a variety of safety glass - laminated glass, tempered glass and regional tempered glass and other varieties, greatly improving the performance of automotive glass. On behalf of the car surface of the windshield to do the bending corner of the flatness is high, can not appear optical distortion, from the driver's seat at any angle to see the outside of the object are not deformed not dazzling. Before the car glass is usually decorated with neat strip along the edge of the glass or protection, and now the glass on the car are using ceramic glaze, the so-called "black border." 

There are many car windshields also coated with a reflective coating process or to improve the composition of the glass, only the sun visible light into the compartment, blocking the ultraviolet and infrared, to a large extent reduced the crew suffered hot bitter. This modern glass called "green glass" has been widely used.