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The Analysis of the Types and Characteristics of G

Published time:2017/10/30 12:14:44,Publisher Huizhou Xingguangyu Intelligent Technology Co., Lt

Glass mold has been an industry problem, glass moldy (ie, anti-alkali) chemical reaction, change the glass surface properties, in the sunlight under the surface of the rainbow, mold point, watermark, mimeograph, paper and other phenomena. Glass molds appear in the production and storage process, the mold after the glass products will lose their luster, loss of transparency, showing rainbow, white or patch phenomenon (not easy to separate), etc., seriously affected the quality of float glass products, resulting in Glass enterprises in the downstream customers in the image greatly reduced, but also affected the finished product price. Especially in the current glass sales market downturn in the case, so that enterprises continue to maintain a strong competitive important move is to further improve the quality of glass, the maximum glass reduction caused by moldy scrap rate and reduce production costs. 

Therefore, the choice of a good anti-mildew products is particularly important. At present, the glass moldy protection mainly mildew mold mildew, paper mold mildew, mildew mold mildew three categories. These three kinds of products in the best mold powder, is a nano-polymer materials, with environmental protection, efficient, easy to clean and so on. Which imports of mildew powder with its high quality materials and strict production requirements have been concerned about the glass business, but its high prices so that glass enterprises daunting, a serious increase in costs, has been unable to meet the current business needs to promote cost savings. In recent years, the rise of domestic anti-mildew powder is to make up for this deficiency, the price of imports accounted for only 1/3, the quality of some of the company's products have reached or even higher than the international level, in full compliance with domestic glass production needs, With the increasing value of glass products, the use of anti-mildew products are also more and more attention. 

Response to the development of high-end glass market, the glass, but also a new generation of "coconut shell" class of mildew products, greatly improving the effectiveness of glass mold isolation and cleaning and so on. At present, such coconut shell mold has been the only domestic anti-mildew powder with independent intellectual property rights of the company's successful research and development, and gradually successfully pushed to high-end glass production enterprises. And for the paper mold, although the operation is simple, good anti-mildew effect, recyclable, but because of its high cost, easy to produce a long time to send paper and other shortcomings, powder products gradually replaced. And anti-mildew liquid products are still not mature enough, the market utilization rate is not high, too long lead to cleaning is not clean and so on.