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Analysis: hot bending (bending steel) insulating g

Published time:2017/10/30 12:15:24,Publisher Huizhou Xingguangyu Intelligent Technology Co., Lt

Insulating glass has a good insulation, noise effects, which can reduce the building's energy consumption, energy conservation, reduce noise, improve the environment. In addition, the use of insulating glass, but also can simplify the structure, reduce weight, increase lighting, reduce costs, therefore, insulating glass is widely used in building walls and doors and windows. Developed countries (such as the Nordic) have the law required in the building must use insulating glass, China's use of insulating glass is also more and more widely. Rewan (curved steel) insulating glass, in the production and use, we must pay attention to the following questions: 

First, the glass of the Rewan requirements Rewan has a good appearance of quality, to this end, to use high-quality float glass of the original film, and the use of appropriate bending die and scientific and reasonable Rewan process, Rewan glass products require smooth surface, No obvious visible spots, pitting, in line with the product size tolerance requirements, in addition, taking into account the consistency of the film, the synthesis of insulating glass of two pieces of glass must be twisted in pairs to ensure good fit. 

Second, the hot bending (bending steel) the existence of hollow glass High-grade hot bending (bending steel) Insulating glass in addition to the characteristics of ordinary insulating glass, but also requires a lower optical distortion, in order to better observe the glass Field of view of the object, and this feature indicators whether it GB11944-89 insulating glass GB, or JB / ZXXXX-XX Roving glass marking, are not required, this is due to the advent of this new product is not long, In the construction of people on this relative expectations are not high, on the other hand with the issue more common, more difficult to determine the relevant indicators. Every week, the car curved laminated glass has a higher demand for optical distortion, it is because the visual duo is easy to produce fatigue, resulting in traffic hazards. Fusible insulating glass, compared to the hot-rolled laminated glass, will result in greater optical distortion and distortion than a pair of glass of the same bending quality. Therefore, the use of heated hollow glass is not used on the traffic vehicle, The same light safety indicators of automotive safety glass is also suitable for hot-formed hollow glass. 

Third, the use of high-grade building Rings (bending steel) Insulated glass should pay attention to light distortion According to the above described, hot bending (bending steel) hollow glass is bound to have a large optical distortion, easy to use in the use of double- There is no such indicator requirements, therefore, it should not be used in traffic vehicles and precision observation, in the use of high-grade buildings, the requirements of the optical distortion also need specific deliberations, requiring strict places to not use this product program as well The 

The use of large-scale bending (bending steel) hollow glass curtain wall is beautiful, generous, but must pay attention to its optical distortion performance, with China's glass curtain wall industrial technology development, the problem will be a very good solution, the corresponding standards will As soon as possible.