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What are the characteristics of the wire?

Published time:2017/10/30 12:13:14,Publisher Huizhou Xingguangyu Intelligent Technology Co., Lt

Clamp glass also known as shatterproof glass and wire glass. In the process of rolling production process is the screen into the semi-liquid glass and the formation of a special glass. Clamp glass has fire resistance, safety, anti-theft of these advantages, compared to ordinary glass, folder wire glass has its not the same advantages. 

Clamp glass is the ordinary flat glass heated to red hot softening state, and then preheated wire or barbed wire into the middle of the glass made of. Clamp glass is characterized by superior fire resistance, can block the flame, high temperature combustion does not burst, broken will not cause debris wounding. In addition, there are anti-theft silk glass performance, glass cut and barbed wire barrier. Clamp glass is mainly used for roof skylights, balcony windows. The advantage is higher than the average glass strength, the impact of glass or temperature drastic changes, so that it is not missing, split and scattered, to avoid the edges and pieces of small pieces of flying out of the wounds, such as the spread of fire, Still able to maintain a fixed state, play a role in isolation of the fire, it is also known as fire glass. The disadvantage is that in the production process, the screen is easily oxidized by high temperature radiation, the glass surface may appear "rust" the same yellow and bubbles. Clamp glass is often used in skylights, ceiling covers, and vulnerable windows. 

Welded glass requires the thermal expansion coefficient of the wire (mesh) close to the glass, not easy to react with the glass from the chemical, have a higher mechanical strength and a certain magnetic, clean surface without oil. Clamp glass thickness is generally more than 5MM, varieties of embossed silk, polished wire and color folder silk and so on. The shape of a flat folder wire, wave Wa wire and groove-shaped wire and so on. 

Clamp glass is the use of calendering method, the metal wire or metal mesh embedded in a glass plate made of a fight against flat glass, the impact will only form a radial crack and not fall into the wounds, so more for high-level Buildings and shocks strong plant. 

Clamp glass is a kind of safety glass. Will be pre-woven steel wire into the softened red hot glass, that is, into a folder of glass. Steel wire mesh in the folder glass from the enhanced role, so the bending strength and temperature resistance are higher than ordinary glass, broken even when there are many cracks, the fragments can still be attached to the wire, not so splash and hurt. Clamp glass color glossy, suitable for ceiling and partition, so that the room space bright and spacious, elegant and luxurious.